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Danylo Galytskyi Monument

Ternopil, Ukraine
4.8 / 4
The Danylo Galytskyi Monument is a beautiful and historic place to visit. It is located in a big open space, surrounded by pigeons. The monument bears resemblance to the one in Lviv, but still has its own unique charm. Situated adjacent to the Ternopil hotel, this monument offers a pleasant seating and park-like area. From here, you can enjoy the view of other spectacular sights in the city. The monument honors Danylo Halytsky, an earl and later the King of Rus, who was crowned by the Pope and was the first king of Kyivan Rus. He played a significant role in the development of many Western Ukrainian cities and towns, which is why you can find monuments and streets named after him throughout this part of Ukraine. The monument in Ternopil is particularly beautiful, and the square surrounding it adds to its appeal. If you want to experience the legacy of King Danylo, a visit to this monument is a must.
Address:Voli Square, 1, Ternopil



Beautiful place to visit
As historic as it can get..
Big open space, a lot of pigeons. Monument seems similar to Lviv one but still very nice.
Another of our cities seating and park like area. Adjacent the Ternopil hotel. Sitting here you can see quite a few other city spectaculars. The area .. Read more »
The monument to the earl and later the King of Rus Danylo Halytsky, who was crowned by the Pope and who was the first king of Kyivan Rus (also called .. Read more »
King Danilo . You must be here