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Church Saint Sampsons

Poltava, Ukraine
4.7 / 20
Saint Sampson's Church is an Orthodox church-monument located on the field of the Battle of Poltava in Poltava, Ukraine. This architectural masterpiece was built in the 19th century to honor the Russian army's victory over the Swedes. It holds great historical significance and has become one of the iconic landmarks of Poltava. The construction of the church was initiated by the Russian Emperor Peter I, following his decree to build the Peter and Paul Monastery. However, despite the allocated funds and urgency, the construction progressed slowly. In 1840, a project competition was held and the design by architect J.-J. Charlemagne was chosen. The foundation was laid on June 27, 1852, and the church was completed in 1856, following the supervision of local architect Khoruzhenko. The church is brick and rectangular in shape, featuring a four-column structure with a central bath and decorative heads at the corners. In 1890, it underwent reconstruction in the style of Moscow architecture from the 15th to 17th centuries, supervised by architect SV Nosov and IF Neumann. The interior of the church is adorned with a marble iconostasis, colored mosaics, and paintings by artist O. Ya. Sokol. Visitors to Saint Sampson's Church are captivated by its beauty and architectural grandeur. The church's unique design and historical significance make it a must-visit attraction in Poltava. Additionally, the serene surroundings and picturesque nature surrounding the church provide an enchanting atmosphere for visitors to explore and capture beautiful photographs. Overall, Saint Sampson's Church stands as a testament to the triumph of the Ukrainian faith and commemorates the historic Battle of Poltava. It is a cherished landmark that showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.
Address:Shveds'ka Mohyla Street, 32, Poltava
Phone:+380 50 304 2410



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Very beautiful old temple. The architecture is very interesting. When visiting the museum, be sure to visit the church.
Iconic Church commemorating the triumph of the Ukrainian faith against the Swedes.
A very beautiful, well-groomed temple. If you are in Poltava, be sure to visit this holy place.
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The church is interesting, with a rich history. It amazes with frescoes.
The very atmosphere is the church in Poltava. There is beautiful nature here, you can close up great photos. I recommend going inside, the beauty of t.. Read more »
Historic site. Large beautiful area. The temple is made in a unique style
It's very beautiful here! Thanks for keeping the story.
A very atmospheric Temple. You can feel the spirit of the times and God's presence. Historic site. Painted by a famous artist;)
Good architecture, but in the middle gloomy, uncomfortable, painted in dark colors.
The painting of the temple in the Vasnetsov style amazes with the beauty of natural ornaments and delicate colors. This is the pearl of Poltava ❤️
The church itself is very beautiful from the outside. But as soon as I opened the door inward, there was a shaking jar in front of my nose, fingers po.. Read more »
The church is very beautifully decorated inside, you can feel the power inside. I think it is not spoiled yet, I recommend it to be taken.
Very beautiful church, calm, paintings in dark colors An atmospheric place that allows you to think
Beautiful lighting in the evening, there were practically no people in the church, (it was at about 6 pm) inside it is beautiful, calm, modest ...
A beautiful church in the museum complex of the Battle of Poltava. I especially remembered the interior decoration in dark colors, which gives a speci.. Read more »
Beautiful and big church. Nice place to visit in Poltava.
Church-monument-memorial. The church was built according to the decree of Peter 1. The author of the project is Joseph Ivanovich Charlemagne. The chur.. Read more »
Very strong energy, beautiful painting inside, one of the few churches where you really feel a connection with God. Be sure to visit.