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Church of the Assumption Heart of Jesus

Chernivtsi, Ukraine
5 / 5
The Church of the Assumption Heart of Jesus is a beautiful church located in the city center. Its history dates back to the 1870s when the number of Jesuits in Chernivtsi began to grow. The construction of the cathedral was prompted by the increasing number of followers, and it was consecrated in 1891. Throughout its history, the cathedral has faced various challenges. It continued to serve as a place of worship even during the Romanian and Soviet periods. During World War II, the priests of the cathedral saved Jews by helping them change their religious affiliation. However, after the Soviet power returned in 1944, the cathedral's religious function was discontinued and it was used as the Oblast Archive Office for nearly 50 years. In 1996, there was an initiative to return the cathedral to the Jesuit followers, and in 2010 it was finally returned to the community. Currently, the cathedral is undergoing renovation, which is estimated to cost at least €4 million and will take a significant amount of time to complete. Although I wasn't able to go inside the church, the view of the exterior was breathtaking. The architecture is in the gothic style, which is a departure from the Eastern Orthodox style commonly found in the area. Despite not being Catholic, I found the building to be a magnificent example of western culture. During my visit, I had the opportunity to go inside the church, which is a rare occurrence. The atmosphere inside was eerie due to its neglected state, but it added to the overall charm of the place. Despite its current condition, the church holds a special place in the hearts of the local community and efforts are being made to restore it to its former glory.



It's is beautiful church in city, however I didn't went inside, but the view of church is so beautiful,The beginning of this Cathedral's history dates.. Read more »
It's is beautiful church in city, however I didn't went inside, but the view of church is so beautiful
Beautiful church in the city center. However, the gates were closed, so couldn’t check out how it is on the inside.
Wonderful place
Save it! It is beautiful!!!
The only church building in the city probably in the gothic style. I was pleasantly surprised to see it as I’m not a big fan of Eastern Orthodox archi.. Read more »
Magnificent place, I am not catholic, but the building is beautiful
The church is still under reconstruction. Fortunately, the worker let us go inside, although it is rarely available for visiting. Eerie atmosphere of .. Read more »