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Church of St. Nicholas

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.9 / 14
The Church of St. Nicholas is a historic and beautiful church located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Built in 1746, it is the oldest wooden church in the area and is known for its unique architectural style, known as "Cossack Baroque". The church impresses visitors with its rich history and the way it has been preserved over the years. Upon entering the church, you are greeted with a sight of beauty. The interior is adorned with a mix of modern and antique icons, as well as embroidered towels adorned with beads. The arrangement may appear chaotic, but it adds to the charm and uniqueness of the church. Despite its beauty, some visitors may be disappointed by the lack of interest within the interior. However, the church's exterior is highly praised, with its stunning design and the fact that it has remained untouched since its foundation. The church stands as a testament to the rich history of the region and is a must-visit for those interested in learning about its past. The Church of St. Nicholas holds significance not only for its architecture and history but also for its connections to notable figures. It is said that Hitler visited the church, and the legendary Cossack Ivan Bogun was married within its walls. These connections only add to the intrigue and allure of the church. Although the entrance may not always be accessible, the Church of St. Nicholas remains a beautiful and important landmark in Vinnytsia. It is a place that exudes a sense of history and is appreciated by both locals and visitors alike. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, or simply seeking a beautiful place to visit, the Church of St. Nicholas is sure to leave a lasting impression.



Nice church from the outside. Inside is not interesting. Unfortunately, this is still a Russian church
I know the Church of St. Nicholas since childhood, grew up nearby. You open the door and see its beauty.
Beautiful church with history. Impresses with its uniqueness. Icons are hung in a chaotic manner, both modern and antique, and embroidered with beads .. Read more »
I saw the church for the first time - I recommend to visit and be sure to inquire about the history of this church. There are a few left in Ukraine.
Thank you for your warm welcome! Easter is with you!
This place smells like history
Cossack Church. Unfortunately, the entrance was not available.
St. Nicholas Church. Built in 1746, the oldest, preserved, wooden church in Vinnytsia. Three-part church, a sample of "Cossack Baroque". In the beginn.. Read more »
The church was built by the Cossacks without a single nail! On the central entrance doors of the church, ancient Slavic inscriptions carved in wood ar.. Read more »
Beautiful place
Beautiful historical place, interesting for studying culture and religious heritage of Vinnitsa
1905 рік. think about it for a long time
It is the oldest church in Vinnytsia. Wooden, three-story. Recently restored, but it has slightly deteriorated the original appearance of the church. .. Read more »
Incredible place !!! Such pacification, tranquility !!! I didn't want to leave. The church is very old, made without a single carnation. There are ver.. Read more »