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Tarnovskyi Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 47
The Tarnovskyi Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum is a must-visit destination located in the historical part of the city on Val. Housed in a beautiful 19th century building, this museum offers a rich exhibition with numerous artifacts spanning from ancient times to the 20th century. The artifacts are expertly presented in various exhibitions, each dedicated to a different historical period. It is recommended to allocate at least 2-3 hours to fully explore the museum and its exhibits. Additionally, guided tours are available for those who want a more in-depth and engaging experience. The museum owes its name to Vasily Tarnovsky Jr., a fascinating individual who formed the basis of the historical collection. Despite being relatively unknown, Tarnovsky Jr. had an extraordinary personality and a strong passion for the historical past of the Ukrainian people. He collected artifacts from various sources, including antique dealers, landlord estates, bourgeois apartments, and peasant houses. His collection grew so extensive that it resembled a small museum of Ukrainian history. Eventually, the collection found its permanent home in the Tarnavsky estate in Kachanovka, and Tarnovsky Jr. presented it to the Chernigov Provincial Zemstvo Council. The museum now proudly bears his name. Visitors to the museum will also encounter a painting by Ilya Repin titled "The Cossacks are writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan," in which Tarnovsky Jr. is depicted as a Cossack. The painting was created during Repin's visit to Kachanovka, where Tarnovsky Jr. served as a model. This discovery highlights the fascinating life and character of Tarnovsky Jr., adding an extra layer of intrigue to the museum experience. While the museum boasts a friendly and knowledgeable staff, some visitors have noted a lack of signage for certain exhibits and a mix of artifacts without clear categorization. To fully appreciate the museum, it is recommended to hire a guide who can provide additional context and information. However, be aware that photography is charged separately, and payment is required for each floor visited. Additionally, some floors may be closed on weekends, so it is advisable to plan accordingly. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Tarnovskyi Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum is an interesting and worthy destination for history enthusiasts and tourists alike. With its rich exposition, original exhibits, and the opportunity to learn about the history of Chernihiv and the enigmatic Vasily Tarnovsky Jr., a visit to this museum is highly recommended.
Address:Muzeina Street, 4, Chernihiv
Phone:+380 462 645 964



Surprising quality expositions and quite rich collection.
Great place to visit. Very reach exhibition with numerous artifacts from ancient times to 20th century. Recommended to visit!
I highly recommend this museum to visit! It is located in the historical part of the city, on Val. It is housed in a 19th century building (formerly a classical male gymnasium). The museum contains various artifacts, which are very competently presen.. Read more »
To be honest, I have never heard anything about Vasily Tarnovsky Jr., whose collection formed the basis of the historical museum. And here I see a photo of him, as the Persian Shah, sitting in his office. An extravagant man and, as it turned out, an .. Read more »
Interesting museum, rich exposition, many original exhibits. We were offered a tour, very happy to be with a guide. They learned a lot about Chernihiv, its history, the history of Tarnovsky himself. You will not learn everything without a tour. I adv.. Read more »
Museum worth a visit!
Interesting, but unfortunately at exhibitions everything is mixed together and not all exhibits have a signature (( It is probably better to go with a guide
Get an interpreta but very interesting.
Need renovation