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Cathedral of the St. Peter and Paul

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.5 / 6
The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a visually striking and historic architectural wonder. While it may not be considered the most breathtaking cathedral, it still holds its own unique charm that makes it worth a visit. Stepping inside this cathedral feels like entering a mystical realm, where a sense of tranquility and awe permeates the air. The stunning beauty of the structure is enhanced by its underground area, which adds an intriguing element to the overall experience. However, it is important to note that some visitors may find the presence of real bones within the cathedral a bit unsettling, but this only adds to the cathedral's fascinating allure. Although it may not boast any exceptional features, this cathedral is still an impressive and grand building that holds a special place in history. For those interested in exploring the vastness of religious architecture, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a must-see destination that will leave a lasting impression.



Pretty cathedral. There are more beautiful cathedrals but nice to stop in and have a look around.
Very beautiful Cathedral! Mystic place...
Wonderful but a bit terrifying place. Real bones may frighten you, but it's a must-visit building. Strongly recommend!
A cathedral, cannot say anything special about it.
Huge catedral with interesting underground place
Lovely old church