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Bristol hotel

Odesa, Ukraine
4.8 / 24
The Bristol hotel is a stunning old-fashioned hotel that exudes charm and elegance. Since 1899, it has been a place where guests can experience the rich traditions of the past. However, some guests have commented that the hotel could benefit from more fresh air. The spa is in decent condition, while the rooms are generally satisfactory. Located in the heart of Odessa, the Bristol hotel is part of the prestigious Vertex hotel group, which also includes the historic 'Londonskaya' hotel. Over the years, this hotel has hosted numerous famous individuals, including Isadora Duncan, Paulo Coelho, and Sergei Eisenstein. Its central location makes it ideal for exploring the city, with many popular attractions within walking distance. The rooms are spacious and equipped with efficient air conditioning. The spa area offers a relaxing environment, perfect for unwinding after a day of sightseeing. The staff are attentive and quick to resolve any issues that may arise. While some guests have praised the hotel for its delicious breakfast and convenient location, others have found the food to be unsatisfactory. There have been complaints about cold or tasteless room service meals and a lack of freshness in the breakfast spread. However, the facilities of the hotel are generally regarded as excellent. Overall, the Bristol hotel offers a unique experience, allowing guests to step back in time and relive the old-world charm of Odessa. With its impressive architecture and top-notch service, it is an excellent choice for those seeking a memorable stay in the city. However, guests may want to consider dining outside the hotel for a better culinary experience.
Address:Pushkins'ka Street, 15, Odesa
Phone:+380 67 791 8223



Old chic place in baroque style to feel the old nice traditions since 1899🕯More fresh air is needed. Spa is in moderate state, while room is fine. It.. Read more »
The Bristol hotel is a grand hotel on the corner of Pushkinska street located in a central spot in the centre where all the main sites are in walking .. Read more »
Good hotel. Tasty breakfast, great location
Very impressive building, very good staff equally good food , must visit on very trip to Odessa
RELIVING OLD ODESSA Impressive building situated in the heart of old Odessa and an awesome place for visiting and enjoying Odessa city center on foot.. Read more »
We had the best experience at The Bristol hotel. Room service is the best. Rooms are kept very clean, towels and bed sheets changed daily. The food is.. Read more »
The food in this hotel is not great, tried their room service a couple of times and the food was either: cold or just tasteless.. it shocked me as thi.. Read more »
Very few cities still have an epic hotel like the Bristol. It's from another era, and was thoroughly renovated a few years back. Worth a splurge. Food.. Read more »
Beautiful beautiful!! Amazing customer service, the beds were great! One downer was that we waited almost an hr to get food at the restaurant. Was a b.. Read more »
It was a pleasure to stay in this hotel, comfortable rooms, great breakfast, great location. A little embarrassed by such luxury in the design, but th.. Read more »
Lovely place for a romantic dinner - we went for salads and desserts, and loved both the food and the service.
Great five star hotel with excellent location and friendly staff. Breakfast however were not ready by 7 am and the foods were lukewarm at best (maybe .. Read more »
It was a nice hotel. Breakfast is good and all but the chairs need better lumbar support.
The best hotel in Odessa❤?
An amazing place and service Totally perfect!!
Always charming and nostalgic. Love this place! Location is money....dead center
One of the best hotels in Odessa, and for sure the best in the city centre!
The best hotel in Odessa, hands down. Dr. Kouka
Nice clean and central location.
Very best hotel. Center city licarion, spa iincludef, good interiior, friendly staff, tasty meal. I liked everyythiing hhere. Veryy commfortable.
A classic hotel in Odessa. In the heart of Odessa; very clean, very responsible management. For me it s one of top 3 hotels in Odessa.
I had a great stay in Odessa with this hotel, highly recommend!
Very beautiful! Thank you so much! Need to change toilet paper.
This hotel is beautiful and the rooms are great. I spent a week here for a work conference and enjoyed my time. We were able to walk to a lot of close.. Read more »
The most incredible hotel ever!!! Six months ago I was lucky to spend four most wonderful days in my life at this amazing place! I had a birthday in M.. Read more »