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Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.4 / 47
Bloemenmarkt is a beautiful flower market in Amsterdam that offers a wide assortment of bulbs. Visitors are amazed by the unique floral offerings and love walking through the various stalls. The market provides helpful signs that inform customers about specific bulb packages that include international certificates for transport, which is especially useful for those traveling by plane. The salesmen are knowledgeable and advise customers to plant the bulbs immediately once they return home. In addition to the flowers, there are also plenty of other plant roots, cacti, souvenir shops, and cheese stores for tasting. Bloemenmarkt is a paradise for gardening lovers, with a variety of vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds available. The tulip bulbs are particularly popular, with many colors including rarely seen black varieties. The market is highly recommended for a visit, especially on Sundays when it is open. The ambiance is nice and it's a perfect place to stroll and explore the different stalls. The market is a must-see destination in Amsterdam, with beautiful flowers and cute items for sale. Visitors who go in the spring are treated to gorgeous and charming flowers that make them wish they could plant them back home. The market offers a wide selection and affordable prices for both flowers and souvenirs. However, visitors should be aware of the occasional smell of cannabis from nearby smokers. Overall, Bloemenmarkt is a wonderful place with friendly stall owners who provide guidance on planting and caring for plants. It is definitely worth a visit for plant enthusiasts and those looking for unique souvenirs.



What a beautiful flower market! We were amazed by the assortment of bulbs!! We loved walking through the various stalls to see the unique floral offer.. Read more »
Lovely place to see tons of beautiful tulips! I saw so many species of tulips and still be amazed by the tulips I saw in this market! There are also l.. Read more »
Paradise for gardening lovers! Plenty of stores which selling different varieties of vegetable seeds, fruit seed as well as the flower seed! For sure,.. Read more »
Amazing to see the floating flower market. There so many flowers and just everywhere it’s so beautiful. Makes you just want to buy them all! Just tak.. Read more »
I really like this market! A lot of flowers and cute stuffs. Really nice place to visit in Amsterdam! I went there in Spring; so the flowers wer so g.. Read more »
Very good flower market if you are in the mood for tulip bulbs in August. Last time I was here in August, it was filled with tulips, but it was a wee.. Read more »
Beautiful place! It is a must see place in Amsterdam. However, ignore the smell around you! (some people are "smoking leaves" on the opposite side of .. Read more »
Wonderful place to visit. So much choice, wide variety of plants and buIbs, wanted to take everything home. Stall owners friendly and will give guidan.. Read more »
It’s a great place with lot of Color due to the flowers and diversity. It could be better, because it is located in a relatively small place between a.. Read more »
If you’re a plant person or you love flowers, this is your place to go. Quite a variety of plants, vegetables, tree and flower seeds/ roots and a nice.. Read more »
Impressive! The shops shine in the most beautiful colors. You can buy fresh flowers and seeds. The prices are really very fair and there is a large se.. Read more »
Beautiful place in the heart of Amsterdam. You can buy exotic souvenirs as they sell lots of different bulbs and flowers that you can bring home for y.. Read more »
I guess my expectations were quite high. Too much press this place has. There's a very nice cheese place around. I strongly suggest it.
A nice place for a walk around the floating flower market right by the canals in the city. They mostly sell bulbs, seeds, and cuttings - there aren't .. Read more »
So much variety. Flowers and trees. I think these are very nice souvenirs and gifts to bring back home especially if you like plants or gardening. It'.. Read more »
Fabulous place to see all the flowers. Also, great spot for photos! It was fun to look around even though we didn’t buy anything there. Highly recomme.. Read more »
I like this place. Offers a lot of colors. Good to walk around and choose some souvenir. But I was expecting more live flowers. They offer many of see.. Read more »
Quite nice to look at, the flower market was smaller than we thought though. Only one stall had "real" flowers. The other stalls only sold bulbs.
First time I visited this place was 10 years ago (January) and ohh it was full of flowers. Now you can buy seeds and other tourist things... Yes go fo.. Read more »
Amazing variety in flowers and bulbs. A most go if you wanna grab some tulip bulbs! But be careful of getting scammed in regards of the pictures on th.. Read more »
A very unique place everyone should visit when in Amsterdam! The market offers a great variety of flowers, plants and decorations! A very charming and.. Read more »
Quite nice to look at, the flower market was smaller than we thought though. Only one stall had "real" flowers. The other stalls only sold bulbs.
If you love flowers, home decor and gardening and if you especially love tulips of which Netherlands is the best exporter in the world... Do take some.. Read more »
Great experience to just hangout in the market. A bunch of souvenir shops around and obviously you can get planting seeds for your garden that have a .. Read more »
Such a amazing shopping spot for Dutch flowers and tulips. Tulip bulbs ready to go and packaged for travel on the flight home. Also several cheese sho.. Read more »
The market looks so beautiful with all the flowers everywhere! You’ll get through everything quickly since most of the shops have the same things, but.. Read more »
~ ✨? ? ? ? ?✨ ~ It is located on the Singel canal stretch and is full of bright colours and the scent of fresh flowers. You can buy all kinds of seeds.. Read more »
Visited 02/07/2021. Really great spot to visit when in Amsterdam for a stroll that won't cost you anything, though it will be hard to resist buying so.. Read more »
Big variety of plants and bulbs mainly daffodils of all color. Designed in a market style, in the heart of the city. Well worth a visit.
After I brought back tulip bulbs to the states, I read an article that said they sell tulips that won't bloom, because they haven't been through a har.. Read more »
There is plenty to see, buy and enjoy in this flower market. Great to find your daily ornament or gift, and it is also good to find a perfect souvenir.. Read more »
Really beautiful and definitely worth visiting. You can find a lot of different flowers. I love the colors and the vintage feeling I get while visitin.. Read more »
Markets by the canal. On the right side only flowers. On the other side shops with cheeses, paintings etc. I expected it to be little bit bigger, but .. Read more »
It's a market with bulp of flowers. You can find there all types of tulips, every color, shape you can imagine, and also other flowers, like callas, f.. Read more »
Good place to buy flowers and seeds
Nice but not this impressive.
Very touristic place where you can buy plants, bulbs and souvenirs.
Very touristic, but worth a quick stop
All you need to fill your garden with tulips.... ?
Highly touristy area popular with visitors from abroad. Huge selection of floral souvenirs.
It's a very beautiful place I have never ever seen before, one of the most amazing shopping of my life that flowers of several type, seeds and other s.. Read more »
One of the most amazing markets in Amsterdam, never miss to visit it if you have the chance to be there. Smell of flowers is just wonderful.
Its a very nice place. A lot of beautiful flowers, cactus and succulents. Its not that big but I really enjoyed strolling in all of the store.
A very beautiful Market near the centre of Amsterdam, you can buy all the different kinds of tulips and cactus, also some ships sell venus fly trap. I.. Read more »
As a local. Even me find this place really nice and interesting. Even the prices of the flowers aren't that expensive even tho it's a place where a lo.. Read more »
It's not anymore what it used to be back in the day. Don't expect to see a lot of fresh flowers most sell flower bulbs and some other tourist items. I.. Read more »
I went there expecting to see a big flower market, but in reality it was "just" a street full of small shops where you can buy flower seeds, magnets a.. Read more »