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Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

Kherson, Ukraine
4.2 / 18
The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is a beautiful and diverse forest area with abundant mushroom growth, even in December. However, the road leading to the reserve is in poor condition and filled with trash. One of the highlights of the reserve is its impressive museum, which offers a pleasant and informative experience. The museum staff are knowledgeable and provide excellent guided tours. Aside from the museum, the reserve offers a safari experience where visitors can encounter various animals. It is recommended to bring treats like bagels, apples, or sugar, as zebras and other animals particularly enjoy these treats. Some visitors opted not to visit the museum and instead wanted to enjoy a peaceful beach experience away from the noise of the city. However, they encountered a security guard who was rude and insisted that the territory was closed, ruining their day. The staff at the reserve are friendly, and the guided tours are highly recommended. It is important to wear appropriate footwear for walking on the sandy terrain. Overall, the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is an interesting and wild place located on the coast of the Kherson region. The museum is worth a visit, as it is supported solely by the dedicated people who work there. A guided tour adds excitement and depth to the experience. Visitors who have limited time can still enjoy the museum, which is enough to recommend the reserve to others. The scientists working at the reserve are friendly and professional, creating a great atmosphere. Additionally, it is recommended to visit the geyser of the Iron Port and explore the Gulf of Tender for a truly unforgettable experience.



A gorgeous forest, a lot of mushrooms, although it's already December. But the road there is broken into trash.
Very nice museum and nice guide.
A wonderful place worth visiting. More vivid impressions are left after the safari, where it is better to take with you hotels for animals that will m.. Read more »
We did not go to the museum itself, but wanted to walk along the sea a little further from the Iron Port, arrived in September from Kiev, escaped from.. Read more »
Very nice staff, good tour.
Very interesting and informative! But shoes need to be appropriate for walking on the sand
An interesting wild place on the coast of Kherson region
We visited the museum. Admission 15 UAH per person, tour guide 70 UAH. Quite an interesting museum that exists only thanks to the people who work ther.. Read more »
Due to lack of time, they managed to visit only the museum of the reserve, but even that was enough to advise others to visit this place! Friendly and.. Read more »
Visit the geyser of the iron port and do not forget to go to the Gulf of Tender for an unforgettable experience.
This is a unique location. Changing landscapes, flora, fauna. And the city of Gola Prystan is the gateway to this reserve.
Everything is done. There is not even anyone to ask.
Very friendly hosts, the guide is great, we were glad to visit this museum ❤️
Great place! Magical nature. The museum guides are real professionals!
Only the administration of the reserve is located at this address !!!
Very interesting stories of guides! Cognitive)
Wonderful museum !!! Very interesting people and of course the reserve itself, the largest and best reserve in Europe !!!
A wonderful tour of the museum, an impressive number of species of animals that live in the reserve. The museum is open until 17:00, so it is worth ar.. Read more »
Beautiful reserve on the bang of the river
The buildings are located in the park area. In the sultry heat, you can sit on a bench in the shade. Now blooming all over the sanatorium Yuka. These .. Read more »
Very nice place. Many different birds, including pink pelicans, swans, black-headed gulls and terns. A wonderful view of the Tendriv Bay and the spit.