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Bilhorod-Dnister fortress

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine
4.9 / 14
Bilhorod-Dnister fortress is an old and large fortress that is still in relatively good shape, although it could use some reconstruction. It is located just a short drive from Odessa, but be mindful of heavy traffic, as it can take about 1.5 to 2 hours to reach. The fortress has a central courtyard with small cafes and gift shops, making it a nice place to visit in the summer. Visitors can also participate in activities like shooting a bow. The fortress has great potential and offers a nice view from its old walls. There are many interesting areas to explore, and a market with local artists and their creations to browse and purchase. Visitors have described the fortress as a nice and cool place, located just behind the sea. The staff is kind and the historical significance of the place is enjoyable, with various ancient war materials and accessories on display. The fortress is beautifully decorated for amazing photo opportunities and provides a peaceful atmosphere. The fortress is larger than expected and offers a unique experience for those interested in exploring fortresses. It is situated on a hill overlooking the river, making it an ideal spot for capturing great pictures. Many original structures from the Middle Ages have been preserved. Overall, the Bilhorod-Dnister fortress is a nice, well-maintained historical site. Admission fees apply, with special rates offered for students. The fortress holds significant historical value and offers a variety of handmade souvenir shops, making it a worthwhile place to visit.
Address:Admirala Ushakova Street, 2В, Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi
Phone:+380 96 972 1506



Old and large fortress still in relatively good shape but could use some reconstruction. A tour is not required as you can drive and park there easil.. Read more »
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So nice and cool place , Just behind the see , the staff there so kind So large historical and so amazing Was really good time
As it is a historical place you enjoy alot here, all ancient war material and accessories are there. Ocean waves are amazing ❤️ This place is beautifu.. Read more »
A lot bigger than I expected. Very cool.
Nice to go historic places like this. Very well maintained and you have to pay before entering the fort, but offer for students. 80 uah per person 40 .. Read more »
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Nice middle-age castle in good condition.
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Nice place to visit. There are a lot handmade souvenir shops and places to make nice photo. Historical value is also very interesting.
I've been there since my childhood, but still remain impressed with each visit. The fortress got a good management recently and the state of art is ge.. Read more »
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2.5 hours journey by autobus from Odessa, we go through Moldova, but totally worth it. 80uah tickets for entry and inside there are lots of archeologi.. Read more »