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Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec

Krakow, Poland
4.5 / 22
The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec is a historical and must-see place in Krakow. This 800-year-old monastery is perched on a cliff overlooking the Vistula River. It offers a stunning view, a beautiful church, and amenities such as a restaurant, cafe, and book store. The monastery also hosts sung services in Latin, adding to the overall experience. Visitors should note that the courtyard lacks shade, so it can get hot in the summer. It's advisable to bring sunscreen or an umbrella. The view from the abbey showcases the winding river, nearby towns, and even the Tatra Mountains in the distance. The walk up to the abbey is manageable, though the tunnels leading to the courtyard can be narrow and blind. A bus stop at the base of the hill provides easy access. The abbey is also a great destination for a short biking trip from Cracow. The landscape, with the river, adds to its charm. Guided tours are available until 4pm, which should not be missed. The monastery offers a restaurant with local beer and good food, as well as a tourist shop selling artisanal items. The Abbey Museum, Saint Paul and Peter church, and a coffee place are also worth exploring. There's even a hotel for those looking to relax for an extended period. The monastery provides a tranquil experience, whether sitting in silence inside the church or enjoying the view from the outdoor seating area. Taking a boat ride on the Vistula River for the return journey is highly recommended. Overall, the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec offers a picturesque and serene experience that shouldn't be missed.
Address:Benedyktyńska 37, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 688 54 52



A historical place with a picturesque view both from the abbey itself and from the Vistula River.
Definitely a must-see place in Krakow. This 800-year-old monastery on the cliff, still inhabited by Benedictine monks, is situated on the side of the .. Read more »
Really great view but not much shade in the courtyard so it can get pretty hot in the summer when the sun is out. Bring sunscreen or an umbrella. If t.. Read more »
A perfect place for a short biking trip from Cracow. Never gets boring 🙂
Beautiful landscape with river! Guided tour is available until 4pm. Without knowing guided tour is available, I’ve just missed that. Too bad.
A beautiful monastery perched on top of a hill with amazing views. There's a cool restaurant serving local beer and some good food. Also a tourist sho.. Read more »
Beautiful place, traditional Abbey on the top a hill, inside the fog in the morning, enlightened by the sun during the day and beautiful sunset views .. Read more »
Such a beautiful, tranquil place. Only about a $5-7 USD taxi ride from Krakow, using the Bolt or Free Now app. Definitely go! I only spent about 75 mi.. Read more »
A picturesque village on the banks of the Vistula river. Beautiful views of the river from the monastery. I would recommend taking a boat ride on the .. Read more »
Nice Abbey, would be rated higher if not for my irrational fear of the christians. (Bale, Dior, etc.)
Wonderful to hire bikes and cycle here along the river, great views from just outside and an excellent temporary photography exhibition at the moment.
The abbey is located near the river bank and probably the easiest way to reach it is by car. It takes roughly 20 minutes by car from the city centre. .. Read more »
Very beautiful place. Nice church. Amazing view at river. I recommend to visit also abbey shop, where are extraordinary products.
Beautiful Abbey. Beautiful church with Mass everyday, shop with souvenirs and organic food, bookshop. Nice view on Wisla River. Accommodation availab.. Read more »
The Benedictine monastery in Tynec is one of the most beautiful monasteries I have ever been to, right next to the monastery in Czestochowa :) There's.. Read more »
You can get here by bike from Krakow and enjoy its beautiful views. Nice coffee inside the Abbey. There’s a shop too, cookies are great, beer not that.. Read more »
A beautiful historic place with a lot to offer including a wonderful view of the river. Many people come every weekend to enjoy this place and the nat.. Read more »
I rode my bike along the south side of the river from Kraków to the Abbey. The trail along the river is really lovely, and the Abbey is also nice. It’.. Read more »
Perfect spot for a bike ride form Kraków. Recommend!
Great view, perfect place for bike ride from Krakow.
calm and peaceful place, with a beautiful view over the Vistula River
The oldest abbey on Polish soil. Definitely a "must see" place brimming with history. Well worth to be put on your itinerary while being in southern P.. Read more »
Located on the banks of river vistula, it has a church, monastery, cafe and a museum. The museum displays old arti crafts and a portion of the museum .. Read more »
Picturesque views. Historical architecture. Hotel. Pretty interesting museum. A store with lots of Benedictine products (herbs, beer, devotional a.. Read more »
I love the Nuns Shop with cakes, honey and jams, and other items to buy and support the abbey. the views are amazing and the museum is interesting but.. Read more »
The view is amazing, especially at nightfall. A place with a history. Ask the brothers about it. They'll be happy to inform you.