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Bandinelli Palace

Lviv, Ukraine
3.6 / 7
Bandinelli Palace is a stunning Renaissance-style merchant's palace located in Lviv. It is one of the best museums in the city, offering beautifully restored interiors adorned with artwork and furniture. While it may be confusing at first, as it is mistaken for a postal museum, the palace actually houses a fascinating collection of exhibits. Although I did not personally visit the museum, I have heard that it is definitely worth a visit. With only about 10 rooms, the palace showcases the Italian architectural style throughout the entire building. If you have a Lviv pass, you can enter for free. The museum staff is friendly and the overall experience is quite interesting, although some visitors may find it a bit short in terms of content. However, for those interested in Chinese artifacts, historical paintings, and unique architecture, this cool little museum spread over a few floors is definitely worth a visit.
Address:Кам’яниця Бандінеллі, Rynok Square, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 975 367



There is not a lot of great museum in Lviv. This one is one of the best museums in town.
A lovely surprise. Confusing info made me think this was a postal museum. It's not, rather a renaissance style merchants palace. Beautifully restored .. Read more »
the whole building seems to be built in italian style, there is museum inside but i did not visit it but I heard it is worth a visit.
Free with Lviv pass. Interessant Museum with friendly staff. I little short.
I did not find what i expect
Cool little museum with some nice artwork spread over a few floors. The entrance is super reasonable...
Nice Chinese artifacts, historical paintings and a very interesting building but nothing more. Not worth visiting! Please add more content.