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Artis Zoo

Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.7 / 19
Artis Zoo, located in the heart of Amsterdam, is one of Europe's oldest zoos. Its central location makes it easily accessible, with a pleasant 20-minute walk from the city center. The zoo houses a wide variety of animals, but the elephants were a definite highlight, as they were seen wandering around and playing with a ball. For families with young children, there is a play area that proved to be enjoyable for a 6-year-old. To fully appreciate everything that Artis Zoo has to offer, multiple visits may be necessary. Overall, the zoo provides a pastoral and picturesque atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely walk. However, some visitors noticed that the animals seemed a bit sad. Despite this observation, seeing the animals up close was still a cool experience, especially for those who don't frequently visit zoos. According to many visitors, Artis Zoo is an exceptional zoo located in the heart of Amsterdam. The layout is superb, making it easy to navigate, and there is plenty to see and do, with a recommended visit duration of around 4 hours. The enclosures are spacious and well-designed, offering excellent visibility of the animals. Wheelchair accessibility is also a notable feature of the zoo. Food options at Artis Zoo received positive reviews, with visitors recommending the coffee and bites available before exploring the zoo. The zoo is considered beautiful, with a wide range of animals to observe. It is advised to pick up a map at the entrance, as children particularly enjoy selecting the animals they want to see and planning their route accordingly. The zoo offers various dining options, making it a great day activity for families with kids. Many visitors consider Artis Zoo to be one of their favorite zoos due to its size and the thought put into each animal's needs. Booking tickets online is a smart way to avoid the morning rush, and the tram stop outside the entrance adds convenience. The zoo features a gift shop, a cafe attached to a planetarium, and even offers the option of having professional photos taken throughout the different sections of the zoo. Accessibility is a priority at Artis Zoo, with wheelchair-friendly areas and accessible toilets available. However, some visitors found the exit on the far side of the park to be confusing due to the naturalistic theme and lack of lighting. Despite this, the overall experience is highly praised, and many visitors eagerly anticipate their next visit. Artis Zoo offers well-designed habitats that provide excellent visibility of the animals, avoiding the common issue of animals being hidden behind large fences. The use of water and natural features adds to the separation and immersion within the habitats. The bridge connecting the elephants and giraffes, as well as the restaurant and kids playground, blend seamlessly with the habitats, creating a unique experience. The animals at Artis Zoo appeared lively and healthy during visits, and visitors often had the opportunity to see them awake and active. Although the zoo may not have the largest variety of animals, it is still seen as a pleasant place for both the animals and visitors. The surrounding natural spots and nature walks provide a refreshing change from the cityscape. While some visitors did not explore the planetarium, it is mentioned as a highly recommended attraction with rotating shows throughout the day. The zoo is reasonably priced, and food prices are as expected. It is within walking distance from the city center, making it a worthwhile and educational visit for anyone in Amsterdam. Students can also take advantage of a small discount. Overall, visitors of all ages enjoyed their visit to Artis Zoo. It is compact yet well-organized, offering unique exhibits and animals to see. Even those who initially planned to skip the zoo were pleased they didn't.
Address:Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, Amsterdam
Phone:+31 20 523 3670



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