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Art Museum of Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
3.4 / 18
The Art Museum of Georgia, also known as the Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts, is a leading museum in the country. Located near Freedom Square in Tbilisi, it houses an impressive collection of around 140,000 Georgian, Oriental, Russian, and European artworks. While some exhibits may have been closed during my visit, I was able to see unique works by Georgian painters. However, I found the entry fee to be a bit expensive considering the size of the museum. On the other hand, some visitors have had negative experiences, mentioning very expensive tickets, rude personnel, and dirty restrooms, advising against visiting the museum. There were also complaints about the pricey shop on the first floor. On a positive note, for art enthusiasts, the museum offers an amazing variety of work and is a must-visit. It has become a favorite for many, who would happily return to Tbilisi just to visit the museum again. Some visitors have noted that the museum seems to be permanently closed, while others found it to be a small museum where you can still get lost in some of the pieces. It is important to note that opening hours may vary, and it is advisable to check the website or the museum door for any changes due to COVID. Overall, the Art Museum of Georgia offers a diverse collection and a pleasant experience for art lovers, but it may not be suitable for everyone due to some drawbacks mentioned by visitors.
Address:2/4 Aleksandr Pushkin Street, T'bilisi
Phone:+995 32 299 99 09



Some exhibits were closed, so there was not a lot to see. The entry was a little overpriced considering the size in my opinion. However, it is possibl.. Read more »
VERY expensive tickets for two smallest exhibitions. Rude personnel, dirty restrooms. Not recommended!
the shop on the 1st floor in the museum is insanely expensive and created to rob people for money!
Such an amazing variety of work! I loved it! Spent a few hours here but could have spent a whole day. I would highly recommend this art museum for any.. Read more »
It seems to be perm closed
A small museum that you can still get lost in some of the pieces.
Closed at 1pm on Sunday. If there has been a change to opening hours due to COVID, it should be reflected on the website and on by the museum door its.. Read more »
The Art Museum of Georgia (AMG) (Georgian: საქართველოს ხელოვნების მუზეუმი, sak'art'velos khelovnebis muzeumi), alternatively known as Shalva Amiranash.. Read more »
Wonderful place to spend the day at Golden Gate Park. A great mix that includes a planetarium, rain forest globe, aquarium, African hall, and other i.. Read more »
Staff is talking to each other with kind of phones and you hear everything really loud all time long. There is not special price for students and also.. Read more »
Surprisingly good art
I loved the museum its so nostalgic and beautiful.
Nice meusume there are many good things to see and visiting specially for art lovers i tell because i had expiriance to visite it nice art things arc.. Read more »
Amazing collection of Georgian art mostly from the Middle Ages. Icons, crosses, jewellery, beautiful ornamentations. The museum seems to be not really.. Read more »
Only the Treasury is open at the moment. All visitors to the Treasury must pay 45 Lari for a guide. If the other parts of the museum were open admissi.. Read more »
Very small place, but it is worthy to visit!
Nice museum but the exhibition is pretty small
This small museum will teach you about Georgia's rich culture and history through various objects and fascinating pieces of information. Among the mos.. Read more »
Very limited art exhibition. (Less than 18 items in the "art hall"). However, paintings impress. The treasure exhibition is allowed to visit only bei.. Read more »