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Arco della Pace

Milan, Italy
4.9 / 21
The Arco della Pace, located in Milan, is a stunning arch that simply cannot be captured through pictures or videos. It is a sight that must be seen in person to truly appreciate its beauty. Surrounding the arch are beautiful parks, gardens, historical buildings, and museums, making it a major meeting place in the city. It is a place that should not be missed. The arch itself is simply amazing and a beautiful place to visit and meet with friends. It is a must-see for everyone. In the nearby area, there is a well-known park and castle, providing a picturesque setting. Additionally, there are numerous cafes and restaurants that offer stunning views of the area. After visiting the castle museum, one can take a walk through a huge park and on the other side, stand in awe of the strong and tall Arco della Pace. The beauty of this arch is truly something to behold. For architecture enthusiasts, the Arco della Pace is a favorite monument in Milan. It is located in a beautiful area, close to the city's green lung. The architecture of the building is incredibly interesting, with many intricate details to discover. It is definitely worth taking a closer look to appreciate the craftsmanship. On a regular weekday in the middle of the day, the area surrounding the arch is peaceful and not too crowded. However, it may become livelier in the evening. The Arco della Pace is a spectacular arch with many beautiful details. Interestingly, it was originally intended to be the gate for Napoleon to enter the city, but construction continued even after his reign ended. This adds an intriguing historical aspect to the monument. The park surrounding the arch is a nice place to relax and enjoy some history with your family. If there is an event happening there, it is definitely worth checking out. Plus, the arch is conveniently located close to many other attractions in the city. Visiting the Arco della Pace is a unique experience that allows you to immerse yourself in history and appreciate the beauty of art. The sculptures on the arch are incredibly detailed and lifelike, showcasing the talent of the sculptors from the past. The artistry and craftsmanship on display are truly impressive, and it is clear that a great deal of skill and care went into creating these sculptures. Overall, the Arco della Pace is a masterpiece and a must-see for anyone visiting Milan. Its intricate details, historical significance, and beautiful surroundings make it a truly remarkable sight.



Stunning arch. Pics, videos wouldn't do justice. It has to be seen. Surrounded by beautiful parks, gardens, historical buildings, museums it's one of .. Read more »
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The Arco della Pace is a magnificent triumphal arch in Milan, located in a large plaza next to the Sempione Park. It has sculptures of soman Roman god.. Read more »
Great meeting area , with wide selection of restaurants close by. Impressive art work looks like a lot with the one in Paris. There is very big park w.. Read more »
Beautiful arc. I enjoyed it more than the one in Paris. You can then walk through Castello and get a real feeling of history in Milan.
It is such a beautiful monument and such a beautiful square!!!! You can drink your own drinks or buy from one of the many pubs/bars. It is an evergr.. Read more »
A beauty! There is a very big plaza to visit and enjoy the view. Detailed monument, art wherever you see.
Beautiful scenery on a large open piazza. There are plenty of restaurants surrounding the monument and the vibe is energetic at night with packed res.. Read more »
I recommend you to visit this during sunrise or sunset. You can see the arc glowing with the sunrays. It's the best time to take some photos and enjoy.. Read more »
Most definitely worth to have a coffee here. Close to all the main and shopping places, spots worth seeing and exploring. Highly recommended!
Veryyy nice place to visit in Milan. Very lively. Lots of people were there, but it wasn't too crowded. Looked quite like the brandenburg gate in Berl.. Read more »
Porta Sempione ("Simplon Gate") is a city gate of Milan, Italy. The name is used both to refer to the gate proper and to the surrounding district (qua.. Read more »
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Wonderful place to sit, chill or even workout. Lots of places to have a quick snack. Wonderful place to pass a weekend well
Once a proper city gate, now serves as an entrance to one of the most famous public parks in Milano - the Semplon Park. It is marked now by a large tr.. Read more »
Great meeting place , very wide selection of restaurants nearby. Also great art work. There is very good park nearby. Also option of renting bikes and.. Read more »
Arco della Pace is one of the most important neoclassical landmarks in the city. This is a very nice area, especially for running, hanging out and enj.. Read more »
I have known it a long time At the end of Corso Sempione go through Arco della Paçe and you will finish d a large park with cycleways. There is plenty.. Read more »
Great views in the park, read the wiki page when you're there to understand what it used to be like and for, it's a lovely sight to see and there's sh.. Read more »
One of the most beatiful locations in Milan...
Beautiful place
Awesome monument , especially at night
Nice place to be when you are in the city. Surrounding park area is also huge. No entry fee for the park.
Gives the arc d triomph vibe of paris
We walked from Sforza castle to the Arch of peace through the Sempione park on a chilly, sunny December morning! The Arch itself was not crowded. It w.. Read more »