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Arboretum Peremohy

Odesa, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
Arboretum Peremohy is considered the best park in Odessa, offering a pleasant and picturesque atmosphere. The park is particularly stunning at night, with its beautiful lighting. It is conveniently located near Arcadia and provides a tranquil spot for those in need of privacy, especially when restroom facilities are scarce. The park is perfect for long walks, featuring small hills adorned with rocks, large ponds, and a variety of wildlife including squirrels, seagulls, ducks, and pigeons. Visitors can enjoy feeding these birds and observing them in their natural habitat. The park also boasts unique and original benches for relaxation. However, it is worth mentioning that there are many loose dogs in the park, which can either be a fun or challenging experience depending on one's preference. Arboretum Peremohy includes a nice restaurant within its premises, making it a convenient place to enjoy a meal. Due to its popularity among locals, the park can get quite crowded on certain days. Nevertheless, the park has a family-friendly ambiance and offers a delightful experience for all visitors. It is home to numerous bird species and provides a beautiful setting for families to spend quality time together. Compared to other parks in Odessa, Arboretum Peremohy stands out as the most impressive option. It is relatively spacious, featuring various levels of elevation and ample seating areas. The park offers a peaceful environment, with plenty of space for children to play. Its waterbank, although not always pristine, is home to turtles, ducks, and other animals. One of the park's most notable features is its abundance of greenery, which is a rare sight in Odessa. For those interested in exercise, Arboretum Peremohy is an ideal location for jogging or taking evening walks. The park provides ample room for cardio activities, and it also offers a range of amusement options for children. With its charming pine trees and artificial lakes, Arboretum Peremohy is truly a remarkable dendro-park. Regardless of the season, it offers an enjoyable experience for everyone and comes highly recommended to all visitors of Odessa.
Address:Shevchenka Avenue, Odesa
Phone:+380 93 020 0999



Best park of Odessa, but needs more open spaces with green grass
Very nice park and pretty at night. If you are near Arcadia in the night and need a dark place to poop (restrooms can be hard to find), this is a grea.. Read more »
Brilliant even for long walks, even small baby hills with rocks, big ponds, squirrels and MANY LOOSE DOGS (!) Which can be fun or not. Original benche.. Read more »
Good "park" with nice restaurant on territory. It is very popular place among local people, therefore it is very crowded on some days.
Very lovely, family oriented. Many birds. Beautiful place
I'd say it's the most decent park in Odessa period, at least these days. It's quite big for a park here, has various levels of verticality and has a b.. Read more »
Perfect park for jogging or evening walk.
Very big and great park for doing your cardio. Has also lot's of amusement for children.
Nice place with pines and artificial lakes.
The best dendro-park in Odessa for all seasons. Reccomend to visit everybody!
nice park ,with refreshments on outskirts of park ,and tortoses swimmi g in pond with ducks
Best park in Odessa and place to spend a day off with your family, another green corner in the city, there is a playground, a lot of lakes,a pair of s.. Read more »
One of the greatest places in Odessa to spend the time with your family!!!!