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Ankara, Turkey
4.9 / 78
Anıtkabir, located in Ankara, is a must-visit landmark for anyone interested in Turkish history and culture. The site is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, and serves as a tribute to his legacy. Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a breathtaking view of the complex, situated on a hill overlooking the city. The grandeur of the memorial is evident, with its impressive architecture and beautiful columns. Inside, the tomb of Ataturk stands as a symbol of his importance to the country. The museum within the memorial provides a detailed history of Turkey, including the Ottoman Empire and the modern-day republic. Exhibits and artifacts offer insight into Ataturk's life and the significant role he played in shaping the nation. The atmosphere at Anıtkabir is one of reverence and respect, with both locals and tourists paying homage to the country's history and the brave individuals who fought for its independence. The gardens surrounding the complex are meticulously maintained, adding to the overall ambiance of the site. Security measures are in place at Anıtkabir, ensuring the protection of this important landmark. Visitors should be prepared for a brief security check before entering, but the process is efficient and does not detract from the experience. For those interested in learning more about Turkish history, it is highly recommended to allocate at least 1.5-2 hours to fully explore the museum and grounds. Audio guides are available in multiple languages, providing additional insight into the significance of each area. Visiting Anıtkabir is a moving and enlightening experience, offering a deeper understanding of Turkey's transformation from an Islamic sultanate to a secular republic. The respect and admiration for Ataturk and the country's history are palpable throughout the site. Whether you are alone or with a guide, the memorial is a must-see for anyone visiting Ankara.
Address:Mebusevleri, Akdeniz Caddesi No:31
Phone:+90 312 231 18 61



This is a moment, tomb, and museum for Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The monument is spectacular, completed in 1953, but has an olde world ancient feel about it. The location is guarded by soldiers and even has a changing of the g.. Read more »
Anıtkabir is a very special place for Turkish people. It holds a lot of sentimental value for the citizen of Turkish Republic. If you are visiting Ankara it should be a place to visit and you will learn a little about the Turkish history and the war .. Read more »
By far the best thing to do in Ankara. Free entry and a lot of history packed into one place. .A museum area is contained in a series of linked rooms surrounding the main building at ground level which tells history. . A great memorial for one of the.. Read more »
Visiting the tomb of the first and the second presidents of the Republic, a big muniment where built to honor the memory of the nation great leaders and founders . The place is free, the museum is a must seen and you need to avoid the crowds during .. Read more »
It's an interesting place, but there's nothing to do here more than once. The history of Ataturk is more interesting to Turks, no interesting facts were found for me personally. The territory is large and well maintained. The guard is not .. Read more »
Do not go on a sunny day, it gets really hot. The place is nice. Everything is free. The museum is really nice and big. The view is amazing. Must see if you are in Ankara.
Just spectacular. One of the best museums I have ever visited anywhere in the world. I have come back with a renewed admiration for kamal ataturk and all the historical figures who helped defend and shape this beautiful country.Detailed history of .. Read more »
One of the best place experience of visiting Turkiye. You can feel the ambience of patriot/warrior here. Located strategically and easy to access. At 4.00 pm you can see the ceremony of the officer turnover. You also can buy souvenir of Turkiye and K.. Read more »
No other place in Turkey demonstrates the massive transformation of the country from an Islamic sultanate to a secular Republic, with a war of independence following world war one to massive modernization on the country. Leave 1.5-2 hours for perusin.. Read more »
Good place but its rainy when i come. For your information, my friend take video for her VLOG and suddenly the security come 😅. So, Dont take photo/video when you in security gate because the army will come to you and ask you to delete it
During my recent trip to Ankara, I had the opportunity to visit the Ataturk Mausoleum, a significant landmark honoring the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The place is located on a hill overlooking the city and provides a stunning pa.. Read more »
Great historical place to visit, if you are alone without the guide make sure at the entrance you take portable guide and you will get all detailed information about place. İt's big and make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy nice walk here
A large funerary complex honouring the founder of modern Turkey Ataturk is revered throughout Turkey and his mausoleum is here. It is well worth seeing if in Ankara. It is quite a busy site, as there are many Turkish tourists here, but the queues for.. Read more »
If you pass by Ankara and you like history, it's a must see place. The monument for Ataturk, the hero of Turkey. All free, a beautiful garden, audio guides in many languages. I met several Turkish people there and many children. They deserve mor.. Read more »
Impressive to watch the respect for the history and fighters for thr country. White uniform is air, green is land and blue is water. At the end, there was a special ceremony for veterans. The gardens are impeccable.
Fantastic museum and mausoleum. Learned a lot about Turkey’s fight for independence and the horrible toll it took on the population. The museum is laid out well. The grounds are beautiful with stunning views of Ankara. Easily accessible from me.. Read more »
A must visit nice place if you are in Ankara. Architectural and historical place, it's a public crowded place but well managed. They played anthem after some time don't know exactly when but during that everyone stopped with respect and lis.. Read more »
Outstanding!! The best time to visit this marvelous place is after 3 PM. You need to leave backpacks at the security building at the main gate. Lockers are provided for free. A shuttle runs frequently between the entrance and the monument. Around 3:3.. Read more »
A must go when visiting Ankara. Be respectful and follow the instructions of the custodians. Visit around noon to afternoon to witness the changing of guards and a beautiful moment when everyone stand solemnly while the national anthem proudly playin.. Read more »
Here you will find the real great leader. He is so respected by the people if Turkey. Graduated student will bring their certificate to take photo here. Paying respect. Today I see a ceremony of respect to Ataturk - the great leader. Unfortunately .. Read more »
I went here as part of a Rick Steves group tour (highly recommended!). This is a really important cultural spot so I can recommend it as a must-do while in or near Ankara! There is also a museum but we didn't have time to go in, we just saw Atat.. Read more »
So beautiful and it has one of the best free museums I've ever been to. FYI, security holds random bags at entry and unfortunately this happened to us. No reason, they just choose at random. But we had no problems picking ours up again when we l.. Read more »
Very clean and interesting to visit, a must see in Ankara. Organisation in the front entrance could have been better (no one told me about the free minibus that can take you up to the main building) and there should be english speakers everywhere if .. Read more »
An architecture designed as bigger than usual human scale to illustrate the achievement of Ataturk. Extensive use of travetine as stone for the exterior and interior gives it a timeless feel. Come about 1130 to see the change of guards.
Quite a nice place to visit. Entry is Free, thus crowded. Note that you cannot take bags into the area (bags can be dropped at the entrance or if going by car leave then there). The museum itself is nice to see. This only captures Ataturk history and.. Read more »
Outstanding!! The best time to visit this marvelous place is after 3 PM. You need to leave backpacks at the security building at the main gate. Lockers are provided for free. A shuttle runs frequently between the entrance and the monument. Around 3:3.. Read more »
This is a magnificent mausoleum for the founding father of modern Turkey. Inside, there are many monuments and artifacts about the country so it is a must visit place for anyone who is interested in the history. It also surrounded by a huge and lush .. Read more »
Its beautiful! The museum is very informative. The view is nice. Definitely worth the visit. Try avoiding visiting on weekends though because it gets a bit too crowded.
The place is located in a very beautiful place on top of a higher ground. Whole building and it's premises are very well maintained and cared for. The building itself looks expensive and luxurious. Very nice place to see for couple hours with fa.. Read more »
If you ever made it to Ankara, Turkey. You must visit this important place where they have buried Ataturk. ? So much respect and amazing place. Loved it so much and was so happy for such a beautiful day. Because of covid, I was sad the museum was not.. Read more »
An excellent historical representation of modern Turkey, the battles to achieve independence, restructure Turkish life and of course a massive history lesson on Ataturk. Very well presented and themed. A monumental building of national significance .. Read more »
Very impressive mausoleum where many people go to pay tribute to the founder. It is a beautiful place with guards, a souvenir shop, a cafeteria and two cars. Views over Ankara are beautiful. Highly recommended.
Amazing experience visiting the museum & masoleum of the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It was so cool to see so many young people visiting this site on their own (not part of school or with their parents). I would recommend a gui.. Read more »
High level precious location in Ankara in Turkey. Especially for Turkish or who knows to Ataturk in the world. If you are in Ankara, you should visit this important place. You can find Wonderful view here. Don't miss here!
I can spend my whole day here. I want to thank the government and individuals responsible for this breathtaking museum. You really get a deep understand of what a leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was to his people, how he led by example and gave the blue.. Read more »
This is an awe inspiring place! Basically, it is the mausoleum and final resting place of Ataturk!. History buffs beware: You'll need at least three to four hours to see everything and absorb the history! There is so much information that can be.. Read more »