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Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum

Lviv, Ukraine
3.9 / 13
The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum is a stunning museum located in Lviv, Ukraine. The permanent exhibition, although currently relocated due to war, is known for its beauty. However, the temporary exhibition focuses on dresses adorned with ornate ornaments from Western Ukraine. Despite this, the museum offers affordable tickets, priced at just a few euros. The museum building itself is a marvel, designed in a renaissance style. Unfortunately, the museum workers receive low marks for their treatment of visitors. They have been described as treating visitors poorly and having a rude attitude. Nevertheless, the museum's collection is still highly regarded, showcasing mainly old church-related art. The building itself is considered an attraction in its own right. Visitors have had mixed feelings about their experience at the museum. Some have reported encountering friendly staff members, while others have experienced a negative encounter with the museum workers. The museum offers a range of exhibits, including a religious art section that is particularly impressive. There is also a temporary exhibition that explores the work of Ukrainian writer Stefanyk. Audio guides and written signs are available throughout the museum to enhance the visitor experience. While some visitors found the museum to be somewhat boring, others were captivated by specific pieces of art, such as the Final Judgment icon. The museum is often described as not being among the top museums in the world, but it is still worth a visit if you are in Lviv. It offers a glimpse into the historic and religious art of Ukraine, with a particular focus on icons. Additionally, there is a small section dedicated to secular Ukrainian art from the 18th to the 20th century. Some visitors have suggested that the museum would benefit from the addition of a café and a shop. Overall, the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum is an interesting destination for those interested in Ukrainian religious art and the history of Lviv. Despite some negative feedback regarding the staff, the museum's collection and architecture make it a worthwhile visit.
Address:Svobody Avenue, 20, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 358 856



Gorgeous permanent exhibition is moved away during war. Temporal one is about dresses embroided with typical but great ornaments from Western Ukrain.. Read more »
Low grade for museum workers, who treat visitors like trash. Exposition is good though, but old-fasioned; mainly old church-related art. The building .. Read more »
Rude staff & weird policy toward visitors. Got very mixed feelings visiting this museum. My wife and i came to Lviv for the annual Book Forum and deci.. Read more »
Old museum for 210UAH , nothing worth to see if you interest in the art go inside, but I just like the building architecture ✨?
The exhibition is amazing and vast. You can find an audio guide or enjoy written signs throughout the rooms of the museum. Temporary exhibition includ.. Read more »
Little bored place :)
It is 3,5/5 => the only special piece of art which made me stop and look at it for few minutes was one of final judgement icon. Few painiting were als.. Read more »
One of the best 15th century church art i have ever seen. Not too much people around.
Nice museum for interested in old icons. Also has temporary exposition of nowadays artists.
Historic museum of Ukrainian religious art, much of it very impressive even to a non-believer. Small section of 18th-20th secular Ukrainian art. More .. Read more »
Good! It is very good for you on this site and then there are two floors. You can potentially see the actual theatre inside. Both inside and outside a.. Read more »
Great peaces of art. Will recommend to visit the museum
A very rich collection of Ukrainian art and prints starting from the 12th century! A must-see in Lviv.