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Ancient Theatre

Nessebar, Bulgaria
5 / 5
The Ancient Theatre in Nessebar, Bulgaria is a captivating destination on the coast that should not be missed. This beautiful site, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, offers a picturesque setting where families can gather and enjoy live performances while taking in the stunning view of the waves and feeling the gentle caress of the breeze. As one of the many must-see places in Nessebar, the historic theatre stands as a beautiful monument that is preserved within the old town. Taking a stroll through the charming lanes towards the harbour, visitors will be delighted to stumble upon this testament to history. The theatre itself is a hidden gem, showcasing the impressive craftsmanship and architectural design of the ancient era. Surrounded by an amazing weather and breathtaking surroundings, with the sea just a stone's throw away, the theatre provides a perfect backdrop for plays and shows. Despite its age, this outdoor theater is remarkably well-preserved and remains in use to this day. A visit to the Ancient Theatre in Nessebar promises an unforgettable experience, where history comes alive in a setting that perfectly combines nature's beauty with human creativity.
Address:ulitsa "Ribarska", Nessebur



Nessebar is just simply a lovely place to visit once in your life in Bulgaria coast! Also unesco heritage!
Beautiful seaside ancient site. Great to see families around and live performances, enjoying the view of the waves and the caress of the breeze.
A beautiful monument. One of the many must see places in Nessebar.
Very nice historic theatre, which is preserved in the old town. A nice little walk down the lanes to find this monument to history as you approach the.. Read more »
Amazing weather, great surroundings, the sea is right besides - everything creates a perfect scenery if a play or a show is put on the stage. Even tho.. Read more »