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Airport Burgas

Burgas, Bulgaria
3.1 / 42
Airport Burgas is a small and relatively modern airport located in Burgas, Bulgaria. Despite its size, the airport has received mixed feedback from travelers. Some passengers mentioned that the security process was relatively fast, while others experienced delays in baggage claim with no apparent reason. The staff at the airport were described as unenthusiastic and rude, particularly at the check-in and boarding pass check counters. There were instances where passengers were not allowed to enter the duty-free area and had to wait outside without any explanation. Passengers also complained about the treatment of priority passengers, who were made to wait outside under scorching temperatures with no shade. The boarding process was also described as inefficient, with only one set of stairs available for all passengers. In addition to the poor service, the airport was criticized for its lack of control over queues, cramped spaces, and lack of ventilation. Some passengers reported feeling sick and children even vomited in the queues. The lack of specific information on departure boards was also mentioned as a downside. On a positive note, the airport was commended for its children's room, which was described as small but clean. Some passengers also praised the accessibility and facilities for disabled passengers. Overall, Airport Burgas was seen as a small and relatively average airport, with a mix of positive and negative experiences. The staff was described as friendly by some, but inefficient and disrespectful by others. The limited food options and uncomfortable seating were also mentioned as drawbacks.
Address:Администрация ет 2 офис 201, Burgas
Phone:+359 56 870 248



Flew in with tui, security was relatively fast? But still slow, however we had to wait 50 minutes for our bags to come through baggage claim for what .. Read more »
Horrible service: the front line lady doing check in and boarding passes checks was rude and kept repeating 'go-go ask information' when we tried to p.. Read more »
travel all over the world and nowhere have I had such a bad experience as at your airport. The lack of control of the huge queues, the cramping of peo.. Read more »
Employees don't know how to work, they don't know anything. But has a very good children's room. Small but clean airport
Small airport you will not get lost here. Extra uncomfortable sitting benches inside and outside airport (departure hall). Hard plast and iron and sto.. Read more »
We flew from Manchester to Bourgas in July. I had a disabled persons ride from the tarmac to the airport. I found the facilities to meet my needs, ver.. Read more »
Not a bad little airport. Staff friendly and welcoming, though some aspects of security screening could do with improving, especially the amount of sp.. Read more »
Nothing special, but a perfectly serviceable and modern airport. I found the staff helpful and the food expensive… so a normal airport!
Arrival here was much smoother than when having to fly from here. Very chaotic security experience and people jumping the queue; passport control righ.. Read more »
The lady that was sitting like a ,,princess" with a phone next to sequrity check was very disrespectful. Almost every worker was there like it was a p.. Read more »
Security is super tight here which is reassuring. McDonald's and Costa available and usual duty free with a couple of little shops like electrical, Vi.. Read more »
Small but relatively efficient airport. Not much there. The shops and restaurants are an utter rip off. Paid 10 Euros for a 330ml Corona beer! Good n.. Read more »
Very efficient airport service. A small and very charming airport on the Black Sea coast. Even in the hottest heat, it is cool here. It is worth using.. Read more »
Due to our Autistic son we required a fast track service and they did not disappoint. We were met from the coach and taken straight to a private chec.. Read more »
Tragedy, I will never choose that airport again. The service is unprofessional, does not respect passengers and does not perform its tasks.after arriv.. Read more »
All right, with separate entry/exit for arrivals and departures, otherwise meets the standards of any airport in the world
Looks brand new, well it is since I was last here 9 years ago... Went straight through border control and customs.. So overall it's pretty good..?
A very simple entrance, accessible and all on one level. Very easy to get through check in and security. Prices were steep in the shops though.
Nice spot (pretty small though). Very helpful staff. Got pretty accurate instructions where to find the bus stop (line 15) and was accompanied to the .. Read more »
Small but really well renovated airport. The stuff is a bit rude, as well as in-airport prices of food and drinks are 4xtimes higher! Otherwise nice a.. Read more »
Tiny airport hardly enough seats for one plane load let alone 8 wouldn’t like to be here for peak season you need to be here early just to get a bus s.. Read more »
Amazing airport for all the people who have a lot of patience (1 security check-in for 3 flights). And to those who would like to try the worst coca c.. Read more »
Very well managed airport. It’s a shame the shops are so overpriced compared to outside the airport. I know most airports charge slightly more but it’.. Read more »
Dear Airport crew , please work on your attitude. I bought 4 speedy boarding tickets and still I was seated with all other passengers.
Honestly, this building is so small, there is only one security checkpoint. Why do they schedule three flights at once. It was so crowded and through .. Read more »
After reading the comments here, I came almost two hours earlier for a domestic flight. I had checked in online and I carried have luggage only. I was.. Read more »
Not very big airport but certainly very well managed. Covid rules applied very good. Didn't have time to stop to the shops because I was rushing for m.. Read more »
It's the worst airport I've been in so far. It does not accept neither electronic boarding passes nor self printed ones. I had to wait for check-in an.. Read more »
Terrible. One security lane working. Flight had to depart half an hour ago, still waiting for 50 people as "there is a delay in security check". How c.. Read more »
I can only imagine, how crowded it is during the peak of the summer season. After checkout huge queue formed to the security screening. In there: pass.. Read more »
Nice average size airport of the 3d largest city of Bulgaria. All needed can be easily found there. I was impressed by recyclage for sorting boxes; a .. Read more »
Efficient service throughout, even in these testing times.
Not my finest Airport visit... Incoming flight gave us a long baggage claim wait, a hot aircraft shuttle bus and a manic minibus dropoff outside. Ou.. Read more »
The museum of aviation is very interesting. Recommend to visit and enjoy it
Worst Airport I've ever been! Long lines, extremely rude employees. Xray machine was dirty and they've ruined my new stroller. When I complained, empl.. Read more »
Average airport. Not to big, not to small. They offer free WiFi. There are a couple of duty free shops, a café and McDonald's.
The most expensive airport I've ever been to, 2 euro for .5 cl of water also the food is expensive. They will usher you out under the scorching sun 1/.. Read more »
Immigration officer was incredibly rude. Swore at myself and my mother at why I couldn't speak Bulgarian. I speak four languages.. not all the officer.. Read more »
Disgusting, unprofessional service at Burgas airport. Rough treatment when inspecting carry-on luggage, took away an expensive plastic bottle without .. Read more »
Overpriced food and drinks. Much cheaper to get basics such as water from the airplane. Staff rude and unprofessional
Nice small airport clse to the beach. If you want to stay next to seaside and feel local life instead of going to the Sunny Beach the city of hotels t.. Read more »
Very expensive airport comparing to the prices in the town( comparing also to other airports.). MacDonald also very expensive- big taste and triple ch.. Read more »