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Boryspil Airport

Boryspil, Ukraine
4.1 / 29
Boryspil Airport is a no-frills airport that operates smoothly, providing a pleasant experience for travelers. Unlike other airports where you may feel like cattle, Boryspil Airport ensures a fast and easy outbound process. While inbound is also quick, there is a possibility of customs checking larger luggage. However, transportation options like Uber and Bolt are available on the upper floor to conveniently pick you up. The airport's business lounge is top-level, offering fast-track and fast-line services that make your time at the airport much easier. Additionally, having a monobank platinum card can further enhance your experience. The airport itself is clean and convenient, with a manageable size that prevents overcrowding and ensures everything runs smoothly. While the toilets on the departure side were perfectly clean, the same cannot be said for the arrival side. One unique aspect of Boryspil Airport is the special "room" dedicated to stamps and their history, adding an interesting touch to the airport experience. The airport staff is known for being very friendly, reflecting the pleasant Ukrainian culture. In terms of prices, you can enjoy cheap food and drinks, as well as affordable boxing and wrapping services. The availability of various transportation options such as metro, taxis, and Uber upon arrival in Ukraine is also highly convenient and cost-effective. The airport staff, particularly the Passport employees, are commendable for their special attention and assistance, especially when accommodating passengers with special needs. Overall, Boryspil Airport is a small yet well-organized, clean, and efficient airport where most planes depart and arrive on time, providing a pleasurable travel experience. However, there are a few areas that could be improved. The staff at the entrance of the arrival area should be trained to be more polite and patient when answering questions from uninformed individuals. Clear signage or notices about the "no entry without a ticket or boarding pass" rule would also be helpful. Additionally, the airport's website should prominently state that only ticketed passengers are allowed in both the departure and arrival areas. Despite these minor areas for improvement, the airport is praised for its friendly staff, great cafes and restaurants, and a variety of services available, including on-site COVID testing, which is available 24/7. While the airport primarily uses Russian and English signage, English-speaking travelers have reported minimal difficulties navigating the airport. However, a few toilets in the women's restrooms may have malfunctioned, affecting the overall experience.
Phone:+380 44 339 9707



No frills airport where everything works smoothly and you don’t feel like cattle. Outbound is fast and easy, inbound is also quick but customs may che.. Read more »
The business-lounge is top-level. Fast-track and fast-line are also very convenient. So if you don't yet have a monobank platinum card, you should get.. Read more »
Clean and handy airport. Not too big but it is enough, there was no rush or crowded that everything works fine. Departure side toilets were perfectly .. Read more »
Nice airport, when I was there they made special "room' about stamps and it's history in airport, so it was interesting
very friendly people. I think Ukrainian culture is truly pleasant. Airport is clean. And you will still cheap prices of foods and drinks in Airport. e.. Read more »
Nice airport within great staff once we came it was so crowded and I was having baby with special need so they deal with him specially So thanks a lot.. Read more »
Small airport, we'll organized, clean, efficient. Where mostly of planes are on time !!! A pleasure!!? I'll add "thanks and bravo" for the customs, ef.. Read more »
Staff at the door in the arrival area need to be trained in being more polite while answering questions by uninformed people about entering the airpor.. Read more »
Friendliest staff at any airport I have been to. Great cafes, restaurant. Service might be a little slow compared to American standards, but it was go.. Read more »
I speak ?️ nly English. Airport is small, but nice. I had no trouble navigating it. Signs are in Russian (?) and English. 3 out of 5 of women's toilet.. Read more »
Airport is spacious, although there are not so many places to eat in the departures hall. For internal flights there is only one cafe there. Everythin.. Read more »
Big airport, very comfortable to come with express train from Kyiv railway station. Due to the flight delay I had lunch in a restaurant, can recommend.. Read more »
The place should have more pointers and signs. It's not obvious on where to go in many places. However, local staff helped. It's not possible to simp.. Read more »
Spacious place.. Many duty free shops... I needed the assistance to print out a boarding pass in transit zone. Not without some troubles, but finally.. Read more »
Definitely a better job could be done in terms of cleaning and especially rest rooms. Waiting area upstairs is a nonsense. Airport staff could have a .. Read more »
Basically, pretty good and clean airport. Due to covid a lot of facilities in the check-in area not working (like capsule hotel, most of cafes), so if.. Read more »
they robbed me, "legally". unprofessional and abrasive. since when is a phone charger battery "dangerous" and not allowed on a flight just because it'.. Read more »
It’s an airport!!! Sometimes the staff is a bit agressif, and the fact that the majority of the personal members doesn’t speak English or bad English,.. Read more »
There is big difference between terminal D and terminal F, which is used mostly for low cost airlines (but not only). Terminal D has nice look, some s.. Read more »
Super airport large space helpful staff could do with bit more English signposting but I'm visiting with my Google pixel 3a XL and we have translate w.. Read more »
Quite a good airfield as for Kiyv. I expected much less from such a distant country.
I would like to have more comfortable seats and more modern design of open space
One of the best airports I have seen in Europe, easy navigation and crime free area with maximum security checkpoints. I rate it 5 stars
Still nice airport. Big minus for the actual very important but not fulfilled COVID rules. Nobody is checking the passengers or tell them to wear mask.. Read more »
Happy about sanitation at the airport over this difficult time
Kyiv Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine ??✈️
Efficient but had pre-security at entrance of departures. If you are taking a taxi to the airport best to book it in advance for a good price. Uber op.. Read more »
Awful service... You cannot reach them on the phone, and if they answer because you are insisting very much, once they hear English they end the call... Read more »
Loved this small yet less chaotic airport. The security and passport control was quick at this time of the day 10am. Few sandwich shops are present at.. Read more »