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Agios Titos Church

Heraklion, Greece
4.8 / 25
The Agios Titos Church is a stunning little church located on a side street in the main shopping area. Greek orthodox churches always seem to have a magnetic pull that draws me inside. Though simple and modest on the outside, once you step inside, you're greeted with the full glory of the splendid artwork. A picture of my son lighting a few candles in remembrance of our departed loved ones captures the serene atmosphere perfectly. This church has an interesting history, having once been a mosque and now converted into a Christian Orthodox church. Inside, you can find multiple paintings and tributes to the saints. One particularly important relic is the head of Titus, the first bishop of Crete, to whom St. Paul wrote a letter. The location of the church is lovely, and it's just a short walk from the central park. You can easily walk in, donate to the church, and light a candle while admiring the beautiful structure. It's a great place to find solace and tranquility away from the busy city. During our visit, we were amazed by the beauty of this church in the heart of Heraklion. The presence of Saint Titus' skull within its walls adds a sense of calm and relaxation. The stained glass windows truly come to life at night, illuminating the interior with a warm and enchanting glow. Our hotel concierge recommended a visit to Agios Titos Church, so we decided to stop by during a rainy day. Inside, you can purchase candles and admire the paintings. We were fascinated by the presence of the saint's skull. Despite our brief visit, we spent about 15 minutes taking in the atmosphere. The church offers a beautiful and calming atmosphere, especially after walking the bustling streets of Heraklion. It's worth taking your time to appreciate every detail in the church's interior, from the intricate icons to the magnificent candleabrum on the ceiling. The colorful mosaic glasses on the windows create a stunning reflection on the walls. This Greek orthodox church has a fascinating history intertwined with the island's past. It is dedicated to a local saint who played a crucial role in spreading Christianity to Crete and was a member of a famous old Cretan family. Visiting the Agios Titos Church is an incredible experience. It's a place for contemplation, prayer, and appreciation of the beautiful paintings and sculptures. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Greece to witness the presence of St. Titus, with his head held within the church.
Address:Platia Agiou Titou, Iraklio
Phone:+30 281 034 6221



Such a beautiful little church, tucked of a side street in the main shopping area.., there is something about greek orthodox churches that keep pullin.. Read more »
Once a mosque now a Christian Orthodox church. Multiple paintings and tributes to the saints.
Nice orthodox church which used to be a mosque. It contains an important relic: the head of Titus, the first bishop of Crete and the one St. Paul wri.. Read more »
Lovely location where you can walk in, donate to the church to light a candle and see a beautiful structure. Very short walk form the central park.
Beautiful church in the heart of Heraklion Saint Titus skull is held here! It is so calming and relaxing going in for a few minutes away from the hust.. Read more »
We were recommended to visit this place by our hotel concierge, so we stopped by briefly to find respite from the rain. Inside you can buy candles and.. Read more »
It's a beautiful church with very calming atmosphere, especially if you go right after walking on busy streets of Heraklion. Do not rush it, take time.. Read more »
Greek orthodox church with very interesting history connected to the history of the island. Dedicated to a local saint who helped spreading the Christ.. Read more »
An incredible place. A place to contemplate and pray. Also, beautiful paintings and sculptures.
One of the best places in Greece, where you can see St. Titos head.
So beautiful and silence Church... wonderful icônes
Very beautiful big church at the middle of city center ,there are a big square in the front and smaller at the back which is beautiful with trees arou.. Read more »
The plaque next to the church describes that skull of priest Titos's is displayed inside. Went inside, but found no skull.
Beautiful church. I attended during mass, very special ceremony. You feel that you can understand the culture on a deeper level. I felt welcomed, enjo.. Read more »
Very beautiful big church at the middle of city center ,there are a big square in the front and smaller at the back which is beautiful with trees arou.. Read more »
Very nice Orthodox church with a rich history
Beautiful church. We had a chat with the manager, and he could tell a lot about the church, its history and the rituals.
One of the main historical places to see in Heraklion. The oldest church in the area (Xth ce)
I am a fan of orthodox churches, the ikons, decorations and the such. This church was one a mosque, the Mihrab and fountain niches can still be seen i.. Read more »
Nice church for a short visit. There is a cosy yard behind it.
This church was amazing and beautiful! We got to experience a baptism and learned a lot about the history. We truly recommend visiting this place!
Really impressive church, both from inside and outside
A beautiful church, worth a visit
Beautiful church, with some lovely stained glass windows. Have been inside only once during a baptism, but it seemed quite impressive.
Beautiful church and larger than many. Saint Titus was a disciple of Saint Paul and the 1st church was built here ~961 CE. During Turkish rule it was .. Read more »
One of the most blessed historical churches I've ever visited, this place is like heaven on earth