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Adrenalin City

Lutsk, Ukraine
4 / 8
Adrenalin City is a family-friendly destination that offers a wide range of activities, shops, and a museum. It is an affordable option compared to other places in Western Europe. Families can enjoy quality time together during the weekends and even explore the surprising modern art exhibition. The facility offers various activities such as movies, bowling, ping pong, rollerblading, kids playground jumping, and carting with fast cars at reasonable prices. Visitors also appreciate the constant improvements and changes that take place in Adrenalin City. Located in the corner of Lutsk City, it is considered the best place for entertainment. However, some visitors have expressed mixed reviews. While they appreciate the fun activities for kids, they have found the lack of good restaurants disappointing. Nevertheless, there is a small food store available. Some visitors have found the place to be a bit creepy and have complained about the dirty bathrooms. Additionally, parents have found the ticketing system complicated as they have to purchase tickets for each area individually. The big slide, which was originally from a water park, does not work without water, making it inconvenient for children who have to walk down it. The arcade games are also outdated, with many of them being out of order. Despite these drawbacks, children still manage to have a fun time at Adrenalin City.



Fun for whole family
Wide range of activities alongside a few shops and a museum. Very economical by West European standards.
Amazing place for family time during the weekend! I was especially surprised by the modern art exhibition! Loved it!
This is a great place for a day of activities with friends or family. Been there for movies, bowling, ping pong, rollerblading, kids playground jumpi.. Read more »
I like to observe how much this place is changing for a short periods of time.
The best place in the corner of Lutsk City
Not the greatest place. Fun activities for kids but these is no good restaurant, thankfully there was a pretty good small food store inside. Pretty cr.. Read more »
It's fun for kids, but complicated for parents. You have to buy tickets for each area individually. The big slide was "inherited" from a water park, a.. Read more »