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A monument to Stepan Bandera

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
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The monument to Stepan Bandera is a topic of mixed opinions. Some criticize it as a waste of money, arguing that the funds could have been better used for repairing hospitals. However, others describe it as a cool and beautiful place, with a well-designed museum and center of patriotic education situated beneath the monument. Visitors can take amazing photos near the monument, even though they may not be familiar with the history behind it. Despite the monument's magnificence, there are those who believe that other individuals, such as Eugene Konovalets, played a more significant role in establishing statehood and deserve a larger monument. Nevertheless, there is appreciation for the center of patriotic upbringing located under the monument, which is seen as significant and interesting. The staff is described as friendly and the exhibitions are highly recommended. Overall, the monument to Stepan Bandera is seen as a place worth visiting, where one can learn about history and enjoy the aesthetics.
Address:Т0906, Ivano-Frankivs'k



Another waste, on which they spent a crazy pile of money, and hospitals are still without repair !!!!
Cool place. The museum and the center of patriotic education are well designed, under the monument.
Beautiful, patriotic, modern.
You can also go close to the monument to click sone amazing shots..... Well i don't know the history behind the monument... But the place is good to v.. Read more »
Well i don't think u can go close to the statue but... Yes. It's very beautiful statue.
The monument is indeed magnificent and magnificent, but if you know the story well, then you should also know that there were a dozen personalities wh.. Read more »