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101 Tower

Kyiv, Ukraine
3.9 / 15
Welcome to 101 Tower, the perfect place for work! Our offices are clean and equipped with nice WiFi, ensuring a productive and efficient working environment. However, it is important to note that the sport facilities are limited, with a small gym and weight room that can get crowded when there are 20 people training. One aspect that some individuals find less appealing is the location of the tower. Situated right next to the railway station and with a factory across the street, the noise and hustle of these surroundings may not be ideal for everyone. Some visitors wish that the tower was closer to the city center for easier access and convenience. Overall, the tower receives positive feedback. There is, however, some confusion surrounding the name, which may be a minor issue. Security is highly praised and considered excellent, providing a safe and secure working environment. The only downside is that the offices remain closed on weekends, which can be disappointing for those who require or prefer to conduct business dealings during that time. While the office center itself is nice, there have been reported issues with parking, which may cause inconvenience for some visitors. On the bright side, there is a very spacious and convenient five-level parking lot available. In conclusion, 101 Tower is a great business center that offers clean offices, good WiFi, and excellent security. However, there are some drawbacks such as the location near the railway station and factory, limited sports facilities, and parking issues. Nevertheless, it remains a desirable place for work and business.
Address:Lva Tolstoho Street, 57, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 495 6245



Perfect place for work!
Clean, nice WiFi
Sport life there is very Small Gym / weight room is crowded when 20 people train ...
The worst location: just by the railway station and factory across the street.
I do like the tower but I am not sure of the location. Wish it was closer to the center
I'd like it. Some confusion with a name...
The worst location: just by the railway station and factory on the opposite side of the street.
It was observed that security was really excellent but offices remains closed on saturday week end, which is little disappointing for those who want b.. Read more »
Nice office center but issues with parking
Great business center! Very big parking... 5 level... Security is very fine.
Good place in the center, convenient parking. Lot qty high-speed lifts.
One of the best Business Centers in the City
Buildings is good designed one ,but there is a lot of dirt around and I think It's duty of the building's manager to do sth about that, managing with .. Read more »
101 Tower, named after Room 101 in Orwell's 1984. This is apt as the security staff who prowl the building are straight out of an Orwelian dystopia. T.. Read more »
High class business centre. It works 24/7, has a few ATMs, waiting area, shop, parking area, meeting halls, reception, security.